The first edition of Consistency contains 3 vinyl disks; 2 x 12” LP disks plus a free, limited bonus 12”.

In November of 2016 Ray Kajioka will release his new album ‘Consistency’, the second LP from the Berlin-based techno artist. The 11 track release follows 2014’s ‘En Route’ and will be released on Heiko Laux’s label Kanzleramt, a label with which Kajioka has worked with closely for over a decade.

Consistency LP bears all the marks of a Kajioka release: a collection of deep, driving, groove-laden and synth-focused cuts. Heady grooves which leave little question why Ray Kajioka is held in such high regard among techno veterans, called upon regularly for remix honours by the the likes of Heiko Laux, Joel Mull, Pan-Pot, Elbee Bad, Alexander Kowalski and Marc Romboy, to name but a few. Kajioka’s reputation for faultless production remains consistent on this, his sophomore LP.

The full, extended physical release of Consistency contains 3 vinyl disks; 2 x 12” LP disks plus a free, bonus 12”. The tracks on the limited-edition disks are marked *. On download the same tracks will not be available individually. They are only included in sales of the complete album.

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About Ray

Born in the small town Wittenberg, Germany, in 1980.
Ray Kajioka is a german Techno producer, remixer, DJ and Live Act since 1995, based in Berlin. He is most known for his output on Kanzleramt Music, especially for his tracks “Sparks” and “Thrill”, released on Kanzleramt in 2011/12, which became huge hits and have been listed in many DJ charts, since. Even more through his single-release “Never Ending” on Sven Väth’s imprint Cocoon Recordings.


A distinguishing and striking aspect of Ray’s music is certainly the warm spheric and impulsive sound – sometimes deeper and emotional, other times powerful and headstrong – which is constantly present in all his productions.
Ray’s live and DJ-performance encompasses all the elements of today’s modern Techno, but has its feet firmly planted in the roots of the Detroit-vibe. “The typical Ray-sound” is appreciated all around the globe and had taken him to events international-wide.


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